In 1974, group of dedicated local volunteers founded the organization in response to the Roe v. Wade decision and a desire to provide a positive alternative to women facing a crisis pregnancy. They were one of the original 13 crisis pregnancy centers to open in the country. Opening under the name Emergency Pregnancy Services (EPS), the center operated as a traditional crisis pregnancy center offering free self-pregnancy testing, counsel, referrals and material assistance.

In 2002, the Board of Directors made the decision to convert to a medical clinic model under the name Collier Pregnancy Centers, Inc. (CPCI). They were one of the first in the state of Florida to become a life affirming medical center. This conversion has had a great impact in the effectiveness of their services and the accomplishment of their mission. Their professional staff of registered nurses, ultrasound technologists, and client advocates operate under the license of three pro-bono medical directors and provide over 4,000 client services each year completely free of charge. Through the support of its generous donors and dedicated staff, CPCI has saved over 17,000 babies from abortion since its founding.

90% of the abortion-vulnerable women who walk into Community Pregnancy Clinics make the courageous decision to choose life for their babies.

The plan to open their first satellite clinic was realized in September 2007. Opening only two doors away from the most active abortion mill in Lee County at the time, they soon were operating at full capacity. Within three short years, there was a dramatic reduction in the abortionist's business which resulted in a move in 2011 to a larger facility which is located right down the street from the Planned Parenthood in Fort Myers. Since its opening, the CPCI clinic in Fort Myers has been hugely successful and has saved thousands of babies from abortion!

As a result of their successful growth along with the future possibility of further expansion, the Board of Directors decided to change their name in January 2012 to Community Pregnancy Clinics. The ministry continued to expand when in 2015, CPCI received from a generous couple, its first Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC I). This allowed CPCI to continue to grow its outreach by bringing essential medical services and resources to clients who might not be able to come to one of our brick-and-mortar clinics. The Mobile Medical Clinic is equipped with the ability to provide all of the services within our clinics, including an on-board ultrasound system. The Mobile Clinic parks at a variety of locations throughout Southwest Florida including abortion clinics, food panties, doctors office, Churches and on college campuses. CPCI Mobile Medical Clinic has partnered with both FGCU’s Student Health Department FSW’s Student Services to provide free medical services to hundreds of students every school year.

In 2017, a second Naples clinic was opened in the building directly across the street from the Planned Parenthood located on the corner of Goodlette and Creech Road. Around the same time, CPCI Sarasota opened its doors in a little office directly alongside the parking lot of Planned Parenthood’s Regional Headquarters. This clinic which CPCI has nicknamed “the David clinic” sits in the shadow of a monstrous “Goliath”, and continues to save countless babies from abortion. Thanks to the passion and dedication of our medical staff and local sidewalk advocates, women who have had abortions scheduled at Planned Parenthood continue to walk into our clinic when told about the free services that CPCI provides.

During this time, CPCI also began providing Abortion Pill Reversal services to clients who, after taking the abortion pill, desperately regret it and want to stop the procedure. They are put in contact with our personnel through our on-call staff and also through a 24/7 emergency help line. Two of CPCI’s pro-bono medical directors are certified to administer this life-saving antedote of progesterone . The abortion can be reversed if addressed within a short window of time, with no increase of birth defects to the baby! CPCI has administered this treatment with great success and rejoices in the precious lives that have been saved through its use.

With the continued execution of its proposed “Expansion Plan”, CPCI set its sights on establishing a clinic in Gainesville, Florida in order to reach the 50,000+ students at the University of Florida as well as the 20,000+ students attending Santa Fe College. In the summer of 2019, CPCI kicked off its “YOUniversity” program by opening the doors of its newest clinic located on the 3rd floor of the Roberts Stadium Club on University Blvd. Situated right next to a fraternity, the clinic is located directly across the street from the student dorms as well as the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Through its presence on University of Florida’s campus, CPCI seeks to further its mission of building a culture of Life by changing the hearts and minds of the UF students who will then spread this message throughout their communities upon graduation. CPCI envisions this model being used on college campuses across the country. (Click HERE to learn more about CPCI’s YOUniversity program). CPCI also partnered with Pamela Stenzel, an internationally renowned abstinence speaker, who travels the country with her S.H.A.R.E. program – educating young men and women on the risks associated with pre-marital sexual activity as well as information on STI’s and healthy relationships. (Click HERE to read about the incredible impact S.H.A.R.E. has had during the past year.)

The summer of 2019 also saw the establishment of CPCI’s second Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC II), thanks to the generosity of the Knights of Columbus. Equipped with the same technology and services provided by MMC I, MMC II serves the upper southwest Florida region – bringing care, compassion, and choices to those who are most in need our help. CPCI continues to move forward as a beacon of light and hope throughout the state of Florida. With five brick-and-mortar clinics and two Mobile Medical Clinics, CPCI has positioned itself as a key provider in providing essential medical care and healthy relationship education throughout the state of Florida.