A Unique Medical Model to Serve Moms and Save Babies

In 2002, CPCI became one of the first pregnancy resource centers to develop a professional medical model with full-time licensed medical staff. The CPCI medical team includes a medical director, a director of operations, registered nurses, certified and licensed ultrasound techs, volunteer coordinator, administrative assistant and care coordinator. This team brings experience in obstetrics and gynecology, midwifery, family medicine, pediatrics, mental health, substance and domestic abuse.

We carefully track our client outcomes to be sure that we are achieving our mission. Our data consistently shows that 90% of the women that walk through our doors and receive counseling and/or an ultrasound choose life for their babies.

As we have developed our unique medical model, we have established efficient and compassionate care that now allows us to help moms and save their babies from abortion at a cost of just $720 per baby saved. This is far below the national average cost of $1,200 per baby saved.