CPCI Advocate

You can also support Community Pregnancy Clinics as an Advocate. Advocates can make an impact in many ways. There is a great need to increase the awareness within our community of CPCI and our mission. In addition, by sharing the CPCI mission with others, Advocates can help to identify and introduce many others who in turn may become donors and volunteers.

Helping others to be charitable will give them the opportunity to receive the blessings from their own acts of charity and help them in their spiritual growth.

Few have the means to donate $10,000 a year, but if you can help to find 10 people who can donate $1,000, it has a greater impact than just the amount of the donation. Now those 10 people will spread the word to their contacts, and a great movement has now begun.

Please contact Gary Ingold, 239-262-6381, CEO.