Medically Accurate Information

Pregnant mother looking at ultrasound images of her child

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy have some important, life-changing decisions ahead of them. No matter what choice they make, their life will never again be the same. It's scary, and at Community Pregnancy Clinics, we understand.

That's why we believe that every woman who walks through our door deserves the best, most accurate information about her options. She has a choice to make, and she deserves truthful, accurate answers to her questions. We can't promise that her decision will be easy, but we do promise that no matter what she's facing, we'll be there with her and she will know that she has a friend in Community Pregnancy Clinics.

We believe that Choices for life start with quality Care and loving Compassion.

Our trained nurses and counselors explain to women the physical and emotional risks of abortion and explain the life-long after-effects of such a decision. They also offer compassionate alternatives to women in a crisis pregnancy, withholding judgement about her circumstances and her history.