2018 SHARE Stats


To Our Valued SHARE-holders:

The overall rate of sexual intercourse in high school students is trending downward1... the national abortion level is at its lowest point in decades2. . . and yet, unplanned pregnancies are rising, and half3 of all sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and abortions4 occur in 15-to-24-year-olds. So even as millennials are being hailed as “the prolife generation,” statistics clearly indicate they are at grave risk from Life’s arch enemy—a prevailing culture of unrestrained sexual activity.

Addressing the Cause, Not the Symptom

Pam Stenzel

Through SHARE, Community Pregnancy Clinics, Inc. (CPCI) is confronting the “hook up” culture at its roots: in middle schools, high school, and on college campuses. Since 2014, CPCI has partnered with nationally renowned, pro-abstinence speaker Pam Stenzel to reach at-risk youth and young adults, along with their parents, teachers and youth group leaders. At churches, schools, camps and conferences, SHARE isredefining “safe sex” as NO sex outside of marriage.

In 2018, SHARE influenced 5,575 lives—an increase of 1,400 individuals—with an annual budget of $10,000 made possible through the generosity of loyal donors.

In addition, to heighten public awareness of the hook up culture’s devastating impact on Florida’s young people, we met with state legislators and educated potentially millions of Christian Television Network viewers through a week-long series on CTN’s popular Homekeepers show and as the featured guest on Herman and Sharron.

In 2018 we also began “tilling the soil” in Alachua County, home of CPCI’s newest medical model clinic in Gainesville, with 76,000 abortion-vulnerable young adult students enrolled at the University of Florida and nearby Santa Fe College. As we gear up with new and innovative ways to engage the campus community, SHARE has already made its debut to 250 youth and parents in Alachua County, including Gainesville.

Thank you for your continued investment in SHARE. You are helping us grow the Culture of Life in Florida!

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